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We Search The World Over For The Finest Experts And Presenters On Each Course Topic, And Work With Them To Develop A Meticulous Lesson Plan That Will Maximize The Benefit You Gain From Each Class  

Each course instructor offers profound knowledge and insight in a format that puts you in an active learning mode, and of course, since it is a recorded course, you can rewind and review any portion of a course, whenever you want.  Finally, courses that are not only on the subjects that you actually need to master, but they are taught in a way that is interesting, fun, and directly applicable to what you do every day. You are in control of your learning, and the benefits are immediate, and lasting.  

The purpose of each course is to educate, inform, and ultimately change you, the learner – by expanding your knowledge and honing your practical, real-life skills. Each course works to maintain interest (not merely entertain) and facilitate your transformation so that you have increased abilities and capacity to get things done.

Courses are designed based on the latest research about retention and effective learning; courses mirror ideal in-person class atmosphere with a master teacher, a learner, questions, discussion, and more.

Students can take the training whenever it’s convenient, from any computer or tablet, in bite-sized 10-minute modules.

As you take a Bigger Brains course you will note that the learning environment mirrors an ideal classroom experience. The visual and verbal focus is on communicating the content. The learner’s questions are purposeful and indicate enthusiasm born of interest. Finally, the greatest indicator of our success is that we help you achieve your goals.