Training is important

Training on new systems is critical for any new system prior to moving your data and staff starting to use it. We have an example of how this can cause a problem and how training can change someone’s opinion of a new system. One of our clients members of staff hated Teams and Office365 this morning, they now LOVE it after we have given them the appropriate training. We always find that staff say that they are scared to call as they think that their question is silly or stupid. At Nebular Cloud we there is never a stupid question, we will never talk down to people because they don’t know how to do something. We always say that we could not do their job and would be asking the same level of questions if the tables were turned. We do what we do well and our clients do what they do well. You would not want one of us selling a house or Caring for the elderly. We are here to help improve staff knowledge and not to just fix things if they go wrong.

Here is a short video on how we helped our client this morning.

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