3D Printed Face Shields


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These are our 3D Printed Face shields. We are currently able to offer these for free to NHS and Public Health Care Organisations as we have a go fund me page with donations. If you would like to donate please follow the below link.
Our Go Fund Me
If you are a commercial business we do require a donation to our go fund me page as the money to produce these has been donated by the public.

They do require assembly .. to attach the plastic shield to the headband.. it takes about 30 seconds to do and you can replace the shield whenever you like with fresh ones
Here is how you fit it How to Fit the Shield


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a network of volunteers have combined their efforts to produce homemade face shields using 3D printers and coordinate the distribution of them to front line workers who are not dealing with people suspected of having COVID-19.


It is intended that these homemade face shields are made to a common design, but they are made from various materials. Volunteers have taken reasonable steps to ensure the integrity of the face shields being produced. However, the face shields are not manufactured to, nor meet any industry or medical required standard and are non-CE marked. NO REPRESENTATION, PROMISE, EXPRESS WARRANTY OR IMPLIED WARRANTY CONCERNING THE SUITABILITY OF THESE FACE SHIELDS FOR ANY MEDICAL OR PERSONAL PROTECTION USE INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THEIR EFFECTIVENESS TO FILTER, BLOCK OR PROTECT AGAINST ANY PATHOGEN OR PARTICLE, INCLUDING COVID-19.


Recipients of the face shields are responsible for using their own judgement before deciding to order, receive, distribute and use these homemade face shields in any setting. Face shields provided are NOT intended to be used by people that are in contact with patients that have tested positive for or are suspected to be suffering from COVID-19. Instead, they should only be used by other front line staff to ensure the supply of medical grade, approved PPE devices to staff in contact with patients with COVID-19.

It is expected that these face shields will be used in conjunction with a face mask protecting the nose and mouth, in accordance with relevant guidelines. Face shields are not a replacement for or negate the need for users to continue to stringently follow the recommended hygiene practices or other relevant guidelines. Recipients of these face shields are required to provide a copy of this disclaimer to any third party before distributing these face shields.

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