The types of numbers that are available

Local Telephone Numbers

A lot of people will just need a standard local number to show that they are close by and these are perfect for that, but dont forget you can answer the calls anywhere in the world.

Other Area Numbers

You can use a number from another area or add one of these numbers to your existing phones. This shows your customers that you cover other areas as well.

London Numbers

You can go for the big time, or you may already BE bigtime by using 0207, 0208 and 0203 numbers for your business giving you that capital look.

03 Telephone Numbers

These give you a nationwide presence, they cost the same to call as a local number but are not associated with any location.

0800 Numbers

I think we all know what an 0800 number is, they are great for marketing campaigns and for improving customer service for you clients. Just remember that you pay when people call you.

0845 Telephone Numbers

Why not go national with 0845 numbers (BT local rate numbers) – your choice of number and the all important 0345 version if you need it. These are usually used for ticket lines and information lines.

International Numbers

As we head towards Brexit your business needs to ramp up its global presence so why not advertise it with an international number that you can answer as it it was a local number. However you may need to get your phrase book out! 

To discuss any of these and the best way of using them, get in contact and we can talk you through the options.