Well this is our mobile office. He is a 2016 VW T6 long wheel base. Originally a panel van. He was converted to our exact specifications so as we can use him to make our business more agile. No waiting to get back to the office to deal with requests and support calls. We can do them there and then. He has none standard layout inside. Most T6 conversions have what’s called a “rock and roll” seat facing forwards in the back but we opted for a U shaped layout with a table in the middle so as we can work, have meetings and even lunch comfortably. We were surprised how many clients wanted to have their meeting in the van as opposed to their own meeting room! It has become a real talking point with them as it’s something different. We tend to spend more time showing them how it all works and costs etc than discussing their requirements but that’s part of building a good client relationship.

We have added the required IT equipment to enable us to work as if we were in our own office. He has

  • Two Asus flipdown screens specifically chosen to run from 12v
  • A Dell 3060 micro form factor PC mounted under the seats. This runs on 19.5V so we have a step up to enable it to run directly from the 12v supply
  • A TP-Link 4G wireless router with a Three unlimited data sim. Again chosen as it runs directly off 12v
  • A wireless keyboard and mouse to reduce cables.
  • As we spend a lot of time on the road traveling between clients offices and sometimes have quite a lot of equipment loaded in we have added a dual camera dashcam from Thinkware. It shows live location information and can alert you if it moves out of a geofenced location

The van itself has

  • A “poptop” roof so as we can stand up in it.
  • A fridge
  • A sink
  • A double burner stove
  • Air conditioning
  • LED lighting
  • Storage for equipment and provisions
  • 240v inverter with leasure battery
  • 12v and 5V usb ports
  • 240v mains if plugged in via the external hookup
  • A split charger so as the the engine can charge the leasure battery whist moving
  • Swivel front passenger seat for comfort
  • A tablet mounted in the front for navigation, audio and to enable us to answer Microsoft Teams calls or calls to the office number. (All hands free of course)