Outlook on the web basics

Most people think that to use Office365 you need to install all the programmes that you want to use, Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint. Here at Nebular Cloud we have not used these installed applications for over 12 months. We do all of our work from just a web browser. There are some differences but the the advantages of doing this are huge.

In this video we show you how to use the online version of Outlook

  • Most support calls that we get these days are due to an issue with an installed application or a sync issue with OneDrive. The web version of apps work more reliably
  • You can work in a familiar way from any web browser in the world.
  • If your used to using the web browser its the same wherever you are. If you have the installed apps they need to be set up and linked to your accounts, they need to sync, this takes time and possibly a support call.
  • Your data is more secure. As soon as you close your web browser that’s it, no data hanging about on the local computer.
  • Your computer does not need to be as powerful, it just needs to run a web browser.
  • Searches are much faster and more reliable, when you search the local computer data could be out of date or not be indexed or synced, on the web its always 100% up to date and searches are faster.

The more developments that I see with new features, I cant see installable applications being around forever, all new features are now going into the web applications and the local apps are being left behind.

Tim Parkinson – Nebular Cloud