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This is just a brief email to introduce my company Nebular Cloud. We are a Managed Technology Provider. We want to get to know businesses and organisations so as we can find out how we can help them with their business technology.
With 17 years of industry knowledge we provide all the Technology services that you business may need

We offer a Free Business Technology Audit for all businesses.

Office 365

Microsoft have just increased all their prices by 22% so even if you already use Office 365 we will be able to save you some money on your monthly bills, and of course we provide a full setup, migration and management service to get you up and running if you are not currently using Office 365

For more information please visit our website here or call us for chat on 01625 837990



We provide a fully managed and hosted telephone system that can grow and shrink with your business. It protects your business from disaster as it does not rely on phone lines in your office. You only need an internet connection and you can even make and receive calls from your main office number on your mobile, tablet or laptop. No lengthy 24 month contracts with support contracts on top. You pay for what you need on a month by month basis
Even if you are currently in a contract for you phone system we still may be able to save you money on your calls

For more information please visit our website Here or call us for chat on 01625 837990

Backup and Disaster Recovery

At Nebular Cloud we turn the backup and Disaster Recovery process on its head. What we do is store your data in systems that replicate your data to 3 different secure places every few seconds, this means that your data is always secure. In certain circumstances some clients opt for an additional point in time backup, this can be performed daily or weekly and adds an extra layer of security. If you want to have a copy of your data in your office as well we can also do that. We treat backups as an insurance policy for your data, you should never have to use it unless something out of the ordinary happens or if you need to archive data for regulatory purposes

For more information please visit our website Here or call us for chat on 01625 837990


Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity is the 4th utility that everyone needs these days along with Water, Gas and Electricity. If you business’s internet connection is slow or intermittent it can have a real effect on your productivity. Many companies are not aware that they can have a faster internet connection for usually the same price. We can provide you with a fast reliable internet connection, any issues you just need to speak to us and you dont have to spend hours on the phone to BT. We can even proactively monitor it for you so as we can alert you before things go wrong

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Support is no longer JUST for when things go wrong. At Nebular Cloud we take a different approach, we work to ensure that your systems are all up to date and monitored by our management systems, our systems alert us so as we can fix things before they go wrong. We concentrate on making sure that your staff are well trained and know how to use ever changing systems so that they can get on with their work  efficiently and don’t have any unexpected issues
As we all know things sometimes don’t go as planned, if that happens we are here to help out with our remote or on site support

For more information please visit our website Here or call us for chat on 01625 837990

Get in contact If you would like and more information on any of our services and for our Free business technology audit

The Nebular Cloud Team