Is your home internet slowing you down when you are working?

Did you know that just because you are paying for an 80mb internet connection doesn’t mean that you will be able to use all of it!
You think I’m joking, well unfortunately I’m not. It is due to a dirty little secret that BT try and hide and don’t want to talk about.

This thing is called your contention ratio. Contention is where ISP’s converge your bandwidth and one of the reasons why they always say “up to” 80mb.

Most home internet connections have a contention radio of 50:1, this means that there is potentially 49 other households with all their laptops and Netflix streams sharing your 80mb. So at midnight you may be getting most of your 80mb but as more people are now working from home on Teams etc during the day this is going to give you a smaller and smaller bite of the cherry during the day, reducing the performance of your internet connection.

Does your internet connection at your office have the same issues?

man working using a laptop

Businesses are not exempt from this contention issue, they will have the same issues but depending on how much they have invested in their connection they may have a 20:1 contention on their connection. However there will be more people using it and possibly cameras and other systems eating into the bandwidth so you may not see any speed difference.

What are the options to help resolve this?

For home users we recommend that you think about upgrading your home internet connection to a business grade internet connection, they are a little more but you get a better service and you usually have a better SLA if things go wrong. Dont forget that when you are working from home you can claim up to £6 a week in tax relief, this would help pay for the upgrade to your internet

You can see our options for upgrading your internet connection here.