how to set up outlook on a mobile device

Now we have set up multifactual authenticator on a computer this prosses should be much more straight forward….


Start off by going into the app store and installing outlook onto the desired iOS device (if you don’t have the app already), after the app has installed open into the app.

If its your first time using the outlook app enter your email address and click add account. If you already us the app select the gear icon to go to setting and “add account”

PLEASE NOTE: If you asked to select a email provider please contact your IT support

Next enter you password and select sign in.

Now if multifactual authenticator is enabled. you will be asked to verify your account, depending on what authentication methods you have set up these can vary

Accept any permission prompts you might receive.

You should be now all set up and ready to use!


These steps are very similar to iOS

Go to the google play store and select get started if its your first time using the app. If not then pleases scroll down to the “SET UP ANOTHERE MAIL ACCOUNT”

outlook may try and auto detect your accounts if this is the correct account then click ‘GOOGLE ACCOUNT’ then ‘OK’ and then ‘ALLOW’ to give outlook access to your contacts. If you don’t have the correct account listed then please scroll down to “SET UP ANOTHERE MAIL ACCOUNT”

Pick the accounts you’d like to add and tap ‘ADD ACCOUNT’ you may be asked to sign in. Allow to comfier offline access and any other prompts.

your email account should now be successfully added!


Open the outlook app and select add account.

Enter your the email address and select continue.

Enter the password for this account.

If multifactual authenticator is enabled you will need to verify using your chosen method.

You should now be ready to use your outlook app!