Microsoft Office 365 Teams

Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that provides a secure work space for you and your workmates to share documents, ideas, chat and video call in private and as a Team from any device.



Chat and video call in real time with Team members inside your business and invite external people or partners to do the same. It brings the social way of chatting to the business environment by using Memes, Gifs and emojis


Teams provides a hub to collaborate on Office documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint in real time on any device. No more opening documents as read only and duplicate copies.


Teams makes organising meetings with internal and external people a breeze. You can share documents, you screen together with audio and video on any device.


As Teams is part of Office 365, there is a high level of security and auditing built right into it. It complies with GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPPA. SOC 2 and the EU Model Clauses. It guarantees the sovereignty of your data to ensure that your data is stored physically in your region with a choice of 27 global locations. Your data is encrypted in transit and also at rest.

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