Covid-19 Update and FREE phone system for 3 months

As part of our work at Nebular Cloud we visit lots of businesses and interact closely with staff and their computers especially keyboards and mice. We think that it would be irresponsible of us to potentially transmit any infection between companies. Because of this and because 95% of what we do can be done remotely from any internet connection we have today made the decision that as of Monday we will only be visiting customer sites for emergency on site support. We will be conducting all meetings via #MicrosoftTeams
All other support continues as normal with no changes.

To add to this we are offering our clients.

  • Support 7 Days a week business hours support by calling our office number on 01625837990
  • FREE 3 months phone mobile or PC app to enable our clients to take business calls anywhere. (If you don’t have this already we can also offer this to new customers as well)