Nebular Cloud Christmas Opening Hours 2023

Its that time of year again! And what a year it has been, especially in the tech world of Copilot, Chat GPT and AI in general.
Our AI Generated Christmas image above demonstrates that AI is amazing but by no means perfect as yet. But dont forget its only just turned 1.

Over the Christmas we are as usual putting in place change freeze from the 18 December to the 2nd of January to ensure that things run smoothly over the Christmas period. 
We do this due to our suppliers such as BT, Gamma, licence suppliers, hardware suppliers having change freeze imposed on us. With staffing levels being lower over this period its prudent to ensure that things run smoothly.
This means that we are here as usual if you have an urgent problem with something that was working but is no longer.
We will be pausing any system changes, for example new system / user setup and project work during this time to ensure that urgent business as usual issues can be resolved promptly. 
This is prudent as partners such as BT Openreach , Gamma, Microsoft, Licence suppliers, hardware suppliers are also working on reduced hours, and this can cause issues if we can’t contact them when needed.

Our opening hours over Christmas and new year are: 

Monday 18 to Friday 22 Please call the office for any urgent issues.
Sat 23Closed
Sunday 24 Christmas EveClosed
Monday 25 Christmas DayClosed
Tuesday 26 Boxing DayClosed
Wed 27 Dec to Friday 29Please call the office for any urgent Issues
Saturday 30 DecemberClosed
Sunday 31 New Years EveClosed
Monday 1 January 2024Closed
Tuesday 2 January 2024Normal Office Hours

We would like to wish all of our clients and staff a happy and restful Christmas and New Year.

Kind Regards

The Nebular Cloud Team