Bye Bye Passwords

We see lots of people talking about making passwords stronger.
8 Characters long, uppercase, number, none alphanumeric characters.

At Nebular Cloud we think that this is RUBBISH and it actually makes them weaker as people use easy to guess passwords, how many of you have a password that is Companyname1* We don’t use passwords to log into our #Office365 systems. We simply type our username and then tap the screen of our phone. This has HUGE benefits. Primarily for you and your staff you will never have to remember your password. This reduces the amount of calls to your service desk and wasted time in your busy day.
Here is how we do it.

Step 1. Go to and type your normal username.

Step2. You are presented with the above screen asking you to follow the instructions on your phone, it also displays a random number

Step3. You get a pop up message on your phone asking you to tap the matching number.

The numbers in this example don’t match as this was from 2 different sessions but one will in real life

Its as simple as that. You can now tear up your post it that you have on your screen that has your password written on it or the spreadsheet that has all users passwords in it.