Gone Phishing ….

Have you ever received an email from someone pretending to be your Bank? That’s what Phishing is (no that’s not a typo) it is an example of a social engineering technique that is used to deceive users. It exploits weaknesses in current web security. In a nutshell it is people trying to fool you so …

Is your Anti Virus Not Telling You Something

For less than a cup of coffee a month can you afford not to have managed anti virus?

Everyone today is aware that they need Anti Virus protection to protect their computer or mobile device from malicious programmes. We speak to alot of people and they all say well we use a free one and it works just fine“. Yes there are a lot of very good AV products out there. When we ask when was the last time you were notified that that one of your computers had a virus or malware we usually get silence

We are verified!

Now that our Facebook page is up and running we have been able to verify it to show that we are authentic with the Grey badge on our profile. If your business has a Facebook page we would recommend that you do this to give your visitors the confidence that they are not looking at a …

Top Technology trends for 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) 

So what is it? In simple terms its anything that connects to the internet.  
Gone are the days when the only device that has internet access is your laptop. Today even your coffee maker  can talk to the fridge to see if there is enough milk for a Latte! 

How will this impact your day to day life?