How secure is your Office 365?

Companies having their own and also their clients data stolen is never far from the news. The latest one was the second hand gadget and video game retailer CEX. On the 30 Aug.
The company said the stolen data included customers’ names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and some old credit card information and has urged its customers to change their passwords.

There is a little known tool to check out the security of your Office 365 tenant and to show where there can be some improvements made. They refer to it as being the 365 version of your credit score.

To access the reports its very simple. Just sign into your Office 365 account as a global admin and navigate to 

Secure Score gives you a different way of managing your risk. Rather than reacting or responding to security alerts, the Secure Score lets you track and plan incremental improvements over a longer period of time.

We use this tool with our clients to highlight where improvements can be made and to track the results of making those improvements.

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