Can Office 365 be used on multiple computers?

Yes Office 365 Business edition can be used on up to 5 devices owned by you. This is one of the many benefits of Office 365. No CD’s no pieces of paper with codes on to loose. Just sign in to your account and click install. You also get access to the new versions of Office 365 and updates as they appear.

With your Office 365 subscription you can have your copy of Office 365 installed on

  1. Your Office PC
  2. Your Android Phone
  3. Your works Mac Book
  4. Your laptop at home
  5. Your iPad or Tablet

Please note that this is a subscription for YOU as standard Office 365 licences are assigned to a user not a device. This is not intended to be used for 5 people in your Office, we have had clients that have tried this method but have come across issues when things don’t sync properly and security issues where a user has gained access to confidential information due to her boss activating her copy of Office with his account.

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