Is your Anti Virus Not Telling You Something

For less than a cup of coffee a month can you afford not to have managed Anti Virus?

For less than a cup of coffee a month can you afford not to have managed Anti Virus?

Everyone today is aware that they need Anti Virus protection to protect their computer or mobile device from malicious programmes. We speak to alot of people and they all say well we use a free one and it works just fine“. Yes there are a lot of very good AV products out there. When we ask when was the last time you were notified that that one of your computers had a virus or malware we usually get silence. As good as a any Anti Virus product is, it relies on the user:

  • Making sure that it is working and has not been disabled (some virus’s can disable your AV)
  • Making sure that the annual licence has not expired
  • Making sure that the definitions are up to date so as new virus’s are detected
  • Following the instructions when your Anti Virus Alerts you that there is a problem.
  • Ensuring that the Antivirus Settings are correct and regular full scans are performed. Some Free systems will only pick up viruses as they are downloaded and not any that are missed and are already on the computer

Any of the above will mean that there could be viruses on your computers that could be logging your confidential information or slowing down your computers and internet connection. In some cases this could bring your network to a stop for several days. This could be made worse if your company laptops are used at client sites as they could be spreading the virus to your clients network.

For less than a cup of coffee a month we provide a managed Anti Virus and Malware solution that monitors your Anti Virus product and sends alerts when anything is detected or if there are any issues with the software. This means that you can resolve any issues straight away. You also have the reassurance that we are always here to help out if needed.

Click the link below or call us on 01625 837990 for more in depth information on how a Managed Anti Virus can benefit companies and for a lower price than most unmanaged solutions.

Can you afford not to have a managed Anti Virus?