You need to read this if you hate One Drive!

Hate it no more!! There is a brand new One Drive client that will handle properly handle

  • Your One Drive personal
  • SharePoint sync
  • OneDrive for Business (ODfB)

This one actually works! I have been using it for the past few weeks over 3 devices, laptop desktop and mobile and I have had NO issues even though I have about 50Gb of data across 7 SharePoint libraries and in ODfB. 

Where as before it would try to sync files will illegal characters and just give you a red X that you maybe never noticed. You now get a nice popup to inform you of the issue straight away. There is also talk about Microsoft fixing some of the illegal characters issues so you should be able to sync files with # and %.

You can also selectively sync SharePoint folders and not just entire Document Libraries, this will help mobile users and people with smaller SSD drives.

All your OneDrive and SharePoint sync is now in the same place so you don’t have multiple icons in your system tray. This reduces the confusion over which programme to use. It also shows different icons in file explorer to differentiate between SharePoint files and ODfB files.

All in all a great improvement on the old client!

If you need any help with updating to the new client or help sorting out your OneDrive mess sp as you dont get duplicates or loose data you can contact us on 01625 837990 or use our webchat

If you are really interested there is a diagram below on how it actually works, as you can see its not as straight forward as you may think!