Gone Phishing ….

Have you ever received an email from someone pretending to be your Bank?

That’s what Phishing is (no that’s not a typo) it is an example of a social engineering technique that is used to deceive users. It exploits weaknesses in current web security.

In a nutshell it is people trying to fool you so as you give up personal information such as you bank account details so as they can use them to access your personal or corporate information. Is called a Phishing attack as they are “Phishing” for information.

It is very difficult to protect you from a Phishing attack with just Anti virus protection as the email does not actually contain a virus, just a link to a fraudulent website or instructions to call a number that is not the legitimate number.

With Nebular Clouds help and with Office 365 you can use Advanced Email Protection to check the links in your emails and protect you in real time against unknown and sophisticated attacks.

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