Top Technology trends for 2017

With my first Blog post I thought that I would talk about some of the things that will be trending in Technology in 2017.

So the first one on the list is… The Internet of Things (IoT) 

So what is it?

In simple terms its anything that connects to the internet.  
Gone are the days when the only device that has internet access is your laptop. Today even your coffee maker  can talk to the fridge to see if there is enough milk for a Latte! 

How will this impact your day to day life? 

In the future every electrical device will be connected, my new washing machine allows me to control it from my mobile. So why would you want this? A lot of people I talk to think this is stupid and a gimmick, at first glance as a standalone device it may be, but when you think about it a little more it starts to make sense.  

1.) I put my washing in the machine and close the door as I rush out of the house to work.  

2.) Whist on the train to work I can use an app on my phone tell my washing machine what type of clothes I have put in.  

3.) The machine senses the weight of clothes so knows exactly how much water and detergent it needs to add so as it saves me money and also helps reduce the environmental impact. 

4.) I can tell the machine that I need them washing and drying before I get home at 6pm as I need my gym kit when I get home. 

5.) The machine talks to my electricity meter to find out the cheapest time to do the wash and starts the cycle at the right time. 

6.) The machine notices that its detergent level is getting low and it knows how many washes I do each week so talks to Amazon Alexa to ore order before I run out. 

7.) I return home from work at 6:05 and have warm socks to put on to go to the gym! 

The technology to do this currently exists however the missing part is the technology to link these systems together. This is what companies now need to work on to make the above process  a reality.